Monday, 1 January 2018

So What Did We Learn from 2017?...

Well hello 2018. You're here! Hurrah for new starts, attempted resolutions and an end to picking at the cheese board that's been in the fridge since Christmas.

Anyone reading this will definitely be doing so in the New Year, but I am actually writing it in the old one. It's just over 24 hours before Monday morning blog publishing time - AKA New Year's Day - and I am still firmly in the previous year. As a result, I've not quite made the natural transition from the post-Christmas-reflection period into fresh and forward-thinking optimism. Yet here I am trying to imagine what I will be feeling once 2018 kicks in. I am a living, breathing example of cognitive dissonance right now. With that in mind, allow me to have a bash at merging the two states. I will look back at some of the themes of the past years' ramblings, and see what resolutions they can suggest for the following twelve months. Quite likely it will result in a mish-mash of conflicting concepts and clumsily long sentences. But hey. That's me! Let's crack on and do our best.

I will make the joke
so you don't have to.
Looking back over the past year, certain themes emerge. This is not intentional. Everything I write on here is absolutely random and unplanned. Thank you for not noticing. No really, thank you. But some of the more popular posts I have written can be categorised as Bondie Gets Opinionated. Back in June I shouted from the rooftops about Wonder Woman. It wasn't really a film review. More a feminist rant about how other films have let me down so far. It got a gazillion clicks (well, a few hundred at least) and caused lots of people to message me to say, 'Hey, nice blog'. (I've paraphrased.) In a similar vein, there were lots of clicks for Tales of a Feminist Aunt and Godmother, which could also be summarised as a feminist rant. And finally I ranted (can you spot the theme?) about my enjoyment of the Netflix Series, Mindhunter, even though it wasn't really concerned with representing women particularly well. By all means click the links and see if they stand the test of time. (I know it's only been a few months, but hey. Do it anyway.) In terms of resolutions, I am happy to use this platform for a timely rant now and then. I imagine there will be a continuation of that in 2018. Soz like.

I need to be more like Amélie.
I do enjoy writing about films. Not just any old film I've liked, but ones that take me out of myself and into a random train of thought. They can be categorised as Films that Linger. This year I've shared my thoughts on Trainspotting, T2 Trainspotting, Pretty Woman, Pride, and Murder on the Orient Express. It's been interesting reading these back, not least the Trainspotting pieces. It was in January and February that I watched them and I couldn't remember what I had written. How reassuring to find I still agree with myself. Phew. That could have been tricky. In terms of the year ahead, I think I need to go to the cinema more. As we all know, I have my monthly pass that I pay for, even though it remains stashed away in my bag most of the time. I need to get it out more often. 

The biggest event of my year, is the reason I started this blog in the first place. I wrote and published a book! I know!! I still find that utterly ridiculous and massively pride-inducing. All of the blood, sweat and tears of the process were recorded on here. Let's call this category Author Insights even though that makes me sound like a dick. From coming up with my publishing imprint name, to working my way through the technical minefield that is book formatting, to banging on about it in an attempt at marketing, to a summary of the whole process. It's all here to read and relive. I currently have the first draft of my next book ready and waiting to begin the editing process this week. When I read back these posts it reminds me how far I still have to go with it, but never fear. I am ready to crack on now 2018 has arrived. I'm aiming for an Autumn publication date. (Well, I can aim even if that's stupidly unrealistic.) Do NOT worry. You will be informed at every step.

My pet peeve. Stow your massive bags!
Finally, I have realised I've written about my travels a little bit so let's call this category My Travels. (I'm so imaginative.) This time last year, the only holiday I had booked was the annual Bond piss-up to Wales. That's also the case now. Yet as the Summer got underway, I knew I would lose my mind if I didn't go somewhere. (You can remind yourself of how much I hate the summer months here.) I ended up escaping the North West for Mid-Wales (yeah, there's a theme) to a seaside apartment where I chilled the frig out. However, I was very clever too, oh yes. My little break doubled as a research jaunt for the book I'm going to start after my next one. Carry the Beautiful 2 is the working title (and will be ditched when I get round to thinking of something better) and I wrote about it here. The other trip I made this year was very recent. Canada! Finding out about my paternal Grandad, Alf, was epic. I'm glad I recorded my thoughts so I can look back and remind myself of the entire shebang when I'm old. If you want to relive the experience too - and of COURSE you do - then click away at my first attempt at a series. Who Do I Think I Am?...Part 1, Who Do I Think I Am?...Part 2 and Who Do I Think I Am?...Part 3.

So there we have it. A summary of some of my ramblings from the past year. Obviously I only included the more interesting posts. There's no point bringing up the shitey, boring stuff. We can forget all that and move into the New Year with only the positive memories to buoy us up and keep us going. And now it's time to ditch the week-old cheeseboard and remind myself what vegetables look like. Farewell my cheesy friend. I'll see you next Christmas. 

Happy New Year and have a lovely week, folks.

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