Thursday, 19 January 2017

Psst…you. Yes, you.

Hello ‘Nicky Bond and Writer’s Ramblings’ subscriber!  Here is a sneaky mid-week message in your inbox.  How’s that for brightening your day.

I am sitting in a popular coffee shop that rhymes with Bosta, and working out a few tweaks on the blog.  Hopefully, this arrives as a link in your inbox along with a tempting teaser, rather than the whole post in black and white.  Here is a photo for your viewing pleasure.  

Hello Sailor!

The misguided non-subscribers (who mostly see the blog via Twitter and Facebook every Monday) have a whole four days to wait to see this attractive picture of a cup of tea with skimmed milk.  They must be kicking themselves.

Large tea in a take-away cup with skimmed milk please.

So, Happy Thursday to all subscribers.   Thanks for signing up.