Friday, 14 October 2016

My version of fluffy kittens...

Hey you,

In the midst of my online headaches last week, I clean forgot to include any hyperlinks or pictures to jazz up the proceedings.  I can only apologise.

So this week, for your reading pleasure I am bombarding you with all manner of multi-media excitements to enrich your day.  They are mainly pointless, in no particular order, and possibly quite annoying.  You’re welcome.

1.  My Writers' and Artists' Yearbook stash
Occupational hazard, but excellent for any flower pressers out there.

2.  Exciting link #1

I start the day with a cup of tea and the Guardian crossword.  Definitely not the cryptic one, though.  My brain doesn’t seem to be wired for such things.  

3.  Current notebook on the go
I have several thousand notebooks (ish) but this one is full of publishing information.

4.  Exciting link #2
Let me introduce you to Sporcle - the best brain break there is.  I can nail all the countries of the world in about eleven minutes.  I am an excellent procrastinator.

5.  A present from last Christmas 
Personalised pencil case, natch.

6.  Exciting link #3

This is the only cake you'll ever need.  I don’t even eat cake, but I know that this is true.

7.  Shakespeare insult magnets
It's important to keep yourself grounded.  

8.  Exciting link #4

Breaking news, but this was last night's tea.  I missed out all the ingredients apart from gnocchi, mozzarella, passata and spinach.  It worked.

9.  Never Forget
I will mourn the death of Borders forever.  RIP,  GBNF, YOLO.

10.  Exciting link #5

And finally to Hygge - my favourite non-directly-translatable word, of all the non-directly-translatable words.  I find it is more than possible to spend large parts of the day saving pictures of cosy Danish winter scenes onto a Pinterest board. I’m sure this is what our Grandparents fought for. 

Happy a great day, folks.

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