Friday, 21 October 2016

Lull of Kintyre? (Struggling for puns tbh)

Morning Campers, (*amend time of day as applicable*).

As I type, I have the slightest smidge of a hangover.   I am not, however, seeking pity or sympathy.  I love a good all-day headache when it means I've had an excellent previous evening of fun.  I shall stay pyjama-ed up and filled with tea 'til sundown, and tomorrow I'll be perky and shiny once more.

But mid-week, beer-soaked evenings are rare these days.  This one came about because my old college mate suggested it and yet in terms of timing, it was perfect.  I am currently experiencing a brief lull in the book-creating process so can have the odd late night and fuzzy head with no worries.

The good news is, this lull is not because of a lack of creative juices or an 'I can't do it, it's too hard' lull.  I have had ALL of those lulls in the past and I know it isn't that.  Instead, I am in the happy position of having to wait for some people to get back to me about things they are doing.  I LOVE this.  For the past few years I've typed away at my desk with no one else being involved.   Now, people are involved.  Actual people.  Somehow it legitimises everything.  Hurrah.

The other exciting thing that has happened since my last update is that I now own ten ISBN numbers.  I OWN NUMBERS.  GET ME.  A giddy gasp of excitement escaped my lips when I got the email.  Another legitimising and pleasing moment.  

For the rest of the week, I have little jobs to fill my lull.  I need a blurb for the outside back cover, an author biography for the inside back cover, and a photo.  A photo of me.  I have taken and deleted approximately 1039557395 already, and not seen one that makes me look three stone thinner.  I shall keep fighting the good fight.

In other news, and as a parting gift to you all, here is what I had for tea a few nights ago. It was lovely.  As you were.

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