Monday, 20 March 2017

Roll Up, Roll Up...

Right folks, let’s cut to the chase.  You can pre-order Carry the Beautiful on Amazon here. Or here? Or here! Click away now for marvellousness beyond your wildest dreams. Or something like that.

Yes! Can you believe it? Just one teensy click away from nabbing yourself a jolly good read. The Easter break is coming up. What more could you want from a four-day weekend, than chocolate eggs and a hot-off-the-press novel in which to lose yourself. You’ll soon forget yours (and Jesus’) troubles, no worries. 

Pre-orders can be placed now. Publication day is 7th April 2017.

The last week or so has continued to be both exhilarating and daunting in equal measure. First of all I have an Amazon Author Page. I know! Isn’t that hysterical! Let’s all ROFL together. It’s here, along with a charming photo of myself (that was definitely not the gazillionth photo I had taken after deleting all the others. Not at all. No sirree.)

I also experienced THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD when my paperback proof arrived at my door. I mean, seriously. That was an OMG/WTF/YOLO moment when I HELD MY OWN BOOK IN MY HANDS. It had pages and words, and a weirdly touchable cover. It felt weighty and solid and perfect.

I even read it properly. Every word like I’d never read it before. After months/years of working on a screen, it was suddenly different. I could see things I hadn’t noticed previously. Unfortunately it was at this point that I realised it was not perfect. On approximately the 6th time of proof-reading the entire novel in the past month, I discovered I overuse commas. Literally. They were strewn about every sentence like I might be trying to win a prize for the highest number. Another re-read later and all erroneous punctuation was removed. A re-upload of the manuscript, and it was all back up to speed. But still.  What is it with me and commas?

Author looks on as small child demonstrates exceptional literary taste.

I now have the old comma-infested book in my handbag. When anyone asks me what I do/what I’m writing/what’s the craic, I will brandish it in their faces, whilst taking great care not to let them see the horrors inside. It has been a much a longer process than I first anticipated. (I was aiming for a pre-Christmas launch date initially. Lolz.) But never fear. We’ve all made it. We’ve come through relatively unscathed and ready to give the next stage our all.

Have a fab week, folks.

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